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Yukon Gold

- Step back to the 1890's Gold Rush days -

Are you ready to escape Yukon Gold?

Back in the early days of the Yukon gold rush, it was rumoured that a saloon owner discovered  a massive nugget of gold, but tried to keep it a secret to protect his family. Jealous of his fortune, the local sheriff accused him of theft, threw him in jail, and stole his gold.

His three children grew up to be outlaws who vowed to avenge their father and recover their family fortune.  The sheriff disappeared, but the bandits and the gold were never seen again either. Can you find this treasure that’s been hidden for over a century?

Yukon Gold Live Escape Room

Helping Hands

We recommend 3 or more players for this theme... but the game is still absolutely doable with 2 people!

Fancy clothes not recommended

Players may have to get a little down and dirty, so we strongly recommend that you save the prom dress for another occasion.

Wheelchair accessible

We are a part of the Easter Seals Access 2 card program. A suitable room for people with mobility restrictions.

SiX Live Escape RoomS to try...
Just 45 minutes to escape!
Six Live Escape Rooms to try...
Just 45 minutes to escape!

One of our new Escape Room Adventures!

Here is what people say about Yukon Gold...

A realistic old west experience
"By far one of the best escape rooms I've been too! The design and layout of the rooms really draws you into the experience.

Blown away by how realistic the room and props are, you truly feel like you are in the old west. The puzzles are well thought out, fun and challenging at the same time."
"We've done a few of the rooms before and just returned to see the new Yukon Gold room... which was outstanding! The attention to detail in the design is unbelievable and the puzzles really get your brain going. Great family activity and super helpful staff too. Highly recommend."
10/10 across the board
"I've done a lot of escape rooms, in a lot of different cities, and Escape! Whistler remains the best I've ever been to.

I most recently did the Yukon Gold, which might be my favourite room of all time. Everything is great - customer service, creativity, production value, puzzle quality."