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Rabbit Hole

- A world you didn't know existed -

Are you ready to escape the Rabbit Hole?

While out hiking in the forest, you see a very peculiar Rabbit run by. For some reason, you decide to follow and see where it goes. The Rabbit darts around the woods, and suddenly dives head first into a hole in a tree. Spontaneously, you decide to go down the hole to follow it… but now you find yourself in a very unusual place where up is down and weird is normal. Will you ever figure out how to get back to the world you came from?

Rabbit Hole Escape Room in Whistler

a strange world

This room will take you on a journey to a strange world where up is down and weird is normal...

Experience recommended

This adventure is our most challenging theme. Previous Escape Room experience is a plus!

A mind boggle

Prepare your brain for a little madness... Don't let this game defeat your sanity!

Six Live Escape Room themes to try...
Just 45 minutes to escape!
Six Live Escape Room Themes to try...
Just 45 minutes to escape!

Where up is down and weird is normal

Here is what people think of the Rabbit Hole...

Down the amazing Rabbit Hole
"This is our fifth time back with Escape at Whistler and it didn’t disappoint. Although the Rabbit Hole is badged the hardest, we completed it with only a couple of clues and a minute to spare. The experience itself was a series of rooms and we loved all of them. Great puzzles, great staff and great fun. We completed this with 1 adult and 3 children so it’s perfectly possible if you have some experience with escape rooms..."
Unusual fun for everyone!
"My friends and I did the rabbit hole, it was great. The staff were all really helpful and friendly, as we needed a few clues to get us going. It's a really cool and unusual experience that doesn't take up much time in your day or cost much money so highly recommend!."
Amazing decor and challenging puzzles
"We always try an escape room when we go on holiday and so we decided to give this one a go. As it was advertised at only 45 minutes as opposed to the usual hour we were a bit worried that it wouldn’t feel like value for money but once we were in the room we changed our minds. The detail and decor in the rabbit hole are impressive and really set the scene, the puzzles were challenging but not impossible. If we had visited earlier in our trip we would definitely have been back again. The staff were nice too."
Fantastic quality and excellent staff!
"My husband & I did 2x rooms in 1 day, and loved them both! (Pinball & Rabbit Hole). The staff were welcoming & enthusiastic, which really added to the experience, and the quality of the rooms themselves were superb. Highly recommended!"