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Buried Cabin

- An Unexpected Winter Adventure -

Are you ready to escape the Buried Cabin?

A massive snowstorm has dropped the most snow on record. Due to extreme avalanche risk, you have been warned not to travel to the backcountry ski cabin your friend heard about. But the thought of deep, fresh powder is too tempting and you decide to go anyway. That night, the worst happens… The cabin is buried by a massive avalanche, sealing the front door and leaving you to figure out how to escape…

Buried Cabin Escape Room in Whistler

A Mountain Adventure

This adventure is great for first time escapers and families with children!

Plenty to Solve

The more people the better in this adventure! There are lots of pieces to find and put together.

Wheelchair Friendly

We are a part of the Easter Seals Access 2 card program. A suitable room for people with mobility restrictions.

Six Live Escape Room themes to try...
Just 45 minutes to escape!
Six Live Escape Room themes to try...
Just 45 minutes to escape!

A challenging game with diverse puzzles

Here is what people say about the Buried Cabin...

An absolute must do!!
"After trying and failing my first ever escape room in Seattle, I wasn’t sure what to expect going into this. My boyfriend and I decided to do “buried cabin” as it sounded the most interesting and we managed to escape within the time and without using all of our hints, which we were so pleased about. The staff and customer service was unparalleled and the kind, friendly faces plus the super fun and challenging experience made us want to go back..."
Cabin Crew
"What is better than being snowbound in a cabin and needing to figure your way out? We thoroughly enjoyed our escape. It was well crafted and challenging. The staff was great and fun to work with. It was a perfect way to end a day of skiing."
A great thing to do with Friends
"We had such a great time in the Buried Cabin Escape room. Such a fun thing to do when taking a break from skiing! We will be back next year."
Fantastic Group Experience!
"We came with 11 friends and did the Pirate room and the Buried Cabin. The rooms and puzzles were amazing. We had ages 8 to 50 and everyone had a great time and could be part of escaping the rooms. The staff was friendly and willing to offer clues at just the right moment. You should check this out on your next visit to Whistler Canada."