Have a question about our Escape Rooms?
Well fancy that, we have all the answers...

We are commonly open from 1pm - 8pm 7 days a week, with extended hours on the weekends and holidays. Please check the CONTACT page above for our current opening hours.

$33 + plus GST per player, a pretty great price right?! Children 5 and under are free, and groups of 20 or more receive a discounted rate- Call to inquire.

2 to 6 players in the room at one time.

Certainly not. No matter how large your group is (2-6) when you reserve a room, it is yours to escape from within 45 minutes. There is no need to spend 5 minutes of your precious time breaking the ice with people you have never met!

Definitely not - All cell phones and any camera devices must be locked away in provided complimentary lockers for the game. Siri will be no help to you in these rooms!

You can book directly through this site, great stuff hey? Head to the top of the screen to the right hand side and click BOOK NOW. If you have a special request you can call us at (604) 962-1117. Payment is required at the time of booking so please be prepared with a Visa or Mastercard - Sorry Amex and Diners are not accepted.

We do have a strict 24hr cancellation policy with no refund for no shows or cancellations within 24hrs of your reserved time. We do understand that things out of your control can happen, in which case please just call us as soon as you know that you can not make your reservation. If we can re-sell your time spot, there may be a chance of a gift certificate or refund depending on the circumstances.

As we do have a set schedule to keep to through out the day, if you are late this will interfere with all future bookings. So to be fair on other paying guests, each game will begin at the designated start time and if you do arrive after the clock begins you will simply have less time to escape. Each group is also asked to arrive 15 minutes prior to their reserved time to accommodate for our check in process and pre room instruction.

Kid's 12 and under MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian (19yrs+). We understand that your kids at times can be more intelligent than most adults and that is super cool. But all of our games are built to challenge even the brightest of them all! And from experience and compulsory recommendation - it is a far more fun experience with an adult in the room to aid in guidance and assisting with those tough to crack puzzles.

Each room is very different in terms of game, difficulty and style! If you are an escape room veteran, you could be confident to try any of our rooms straight off the bat. If this is your first time, we do suggest choosing the Pirate Ship which is our beginner game and only has a 20% success rate within 45 minutes. That percentage includes asking for clues!

Our games are suitable for all ages and this is fantastic team building or family outing activity for everyone to enjoy. From little 4 year old Timmy, teenagers, 20's/30's, mum and dad; right though to grandma and grandpa! Everybody is welcome to escape and guaranteed to have an awesome time.

You can exit the room at any point during the game. For safety reasons the door you enter will always be unlocked. But alas, this will not be the way you will escape the room.

Some rooms are dimly lit but none of them are pitch black. A pair of young eyes will have no problem to see how ever we have received feedback that the Pirate Ship is a bit too dimly lit for some of the older generation to see perfectly.

We have had guests with claustrophobia come through our rooms and have had no issues. The door you enter is always un locked, so you can leave the room at any time if need be. Call us to discuss further to make you feel comfortable and confident enough in joining your team to escape - (604) 962-1117.

If you wear glasses for reading or short distances please bring them along. If you do forget, we have some fancy spectacles to lend out for the game.

That is a definite NO! Escape Rooms are 100% an experience you want to be on top of your game for. Being drunk or high will take away from the experience in a negative way. Our staff also have the right to refuse entry with no refund to groups that turn up displaying signs of being drunk and unruly or under the influence of any substance. This is a turbo fun sober (or after 1 cheeky beverage) activity!

Great question and yes our escape room facility is a popular one! We highly recommend making a reservation at least a day or two in advance. We tend to book up the day before/morning of during the Winter and Summer months. In the off season there is the off chance you can walk in and pick your room and time.

We have two wheelchair accessible rooms to choose from - The Buried Cabin and The Pinball Machine.

We try to accommodate to as many situations as possible. Call us to chat about your best options prior to booking your escape room.

You have 45 minutes to escape and we advise to give at least 1hr for the entire experience. Each group is asked to arrive 15 minutes prior to their reserved time to allow for our check in process and instruction prior to entering the room.

One thing is certain - no one is left behind! Your games master will open the door at the end of your game to let you out of the room, either revealing the remaining puzzles or keeping them a secret incase you choose to attempt the same room again!

Our locker storage is only large enough to hang jackets, so please leave your skis or snowboards behind as there will be no where in our establishment to store them. Snow boots are fine, but please no ski boots if you can avoid it.